Tactics and Execution of Your Strategy

A successful strategy is meant to yield the results and expectations you want it to achieve. Thus proper execution of the strategy is essential to allow us to hit the bullseye on our targets

Execution means doing it. Measuring its results and modifying the methods or tactics we are using. To give an example that paints this story vividly. A specialist is reliant on the generalists and feeder sources that provide referrals to grow and keep that practice growing and thriving. If the specialist has done a poor job at developing the personal and professional relationships with his intake source his practice will suffer. By the same vein if a general practioner has no outreach into his or her community and has not understood the market and their needs he too will suffer.

Proper execution of the who,what,when, where. and hows will allow you the freedom to serve clients without worrying about finances, office administration, or business issues. As our strategy provides us the roadmap our execution allows us to drive on the road to success and prosperity.

Execution must follow careful strategic thinking and time to analyse the results; it is the execution of specific tactics, not overnite but over a period of time or journey. This  allows people to know,like, and trust us. You can accomplish this by a variety of tactics.

Advertising , online or offline, is one tactic used to let potential clients know who we are , where we are and what we do. It is then up to receptionists and ourselves as practitioners to usemarketing tactics like web-site promotion,providing educational materials and perhaps a blog to reinforce the knowledge and build trust. One free source of advertising you can employ is a listing on the map search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing. These are all free and can provide us analytical measures of our outreach campaigns, and may be just as effective as a Yellow Pages Ad which can be an expensive item without measurable results.

In the current environment a web presence is essential as we draw clients in . You cannot just have a static, business card site of the early web. Web 2.0 requires engagement through a blog or electronic newsletter ,where we post content or educational information to on a regular basis. An understanding of how to weave your web presence on your own site in conjunction with other social media sites yields valuable tactics. Examples of these include fanpages on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, or Buzz. This is a tactic which will enhance your web presence while allowing you to get to be known, liked and trusted. The client experience is the most important of all to your progress. It is before, after or doing the time they employ your expertise which will gel all of these tactics and tools to make raving fans out of your clients.

Execution on your strategy and the tactics you use will be fundamental to your success in growing and sustaining your professional practice. Like the surgeon who has a layed out set of instruments to set up what is necessary for him to achieve and execute on his treatment and operating plan your strategy will be the guide to the execution of your tactics .

While this is just a broad outline on execution,  what we have  for members in the Professional Practice Marketing Club is step-by-step actionable, guides on the many tactics and tools you and your staff can employ to ensure you meet your goals.