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    N.A.P. for Local Page Listings

    Importance of Accurate N.A.P. in  Google + Local Page Listings

    Nowadays people rely more and more on the internet to search for people as well as locate stores, business place or anything remotely related to businesses they deal with. And for this purpose it is vital for businesses to understand the importance of feeding accurate information N.A.P.  about their local business so that consumers are driven to the right location and so the business gets proper listing on search engines.



    Google My Business is a feature offered by Google which is aimed at small local businesses to help customers locate their exact location and other important information such as their phone number, online store, reviews of their business etc.Google My Business feature specially benefits small businesses, boutiques, food outlets etc so when shoppers search directly for them or rather similar, their information shows up for the customers so they can reach them with ease. One thing that every business must consider and take very seriously is the bad affect of entering wrong or old information about your business on data providing websites. If incorrect information is fed into a data providing platform your business will not only miss out on new customers but also have a bad reputation in the market.

    What is N.A.P.  and its Importance in Accurate Local Page Listings

    N.A,P. means Name, Address and Phone Number which is the most important factor for SEO and a well ranked business as far as online business is concerned. It helps in tracking businesses and enhancing SEO search of markets and businesses. Many local businesses don’t understand that if feeding correct NAP data it can help them increase traffic to their business then feeding erroneous data can cause the business heaps of trouble for a long time.

    How to Use N.A.P.

    Search engines such as Google and Bing will list reliable and valid business on the internet by scanning and gathering information from everywhere throughout the web even Google+ page. It is important that the Name, Address and Phone Number you enter on your main website is the same as the one on other data providing platforms such as Localeze, Infogroup, Whitepages etc. The most essential part to learn here is that if your information mismatches in any of the platforms then it will hamper your listings on the search engine. Directory submission service provider such as Axciom and Localeze can help businesses obtain exposure and consistency across many directories. These service providers are also responsible to pass on accurate information fed by the business.

    Remember, even a tiny error such as misuse of period or hyphen can manipulate your listings on the search engine so make sure to feed in correct information that is up to date on your website and also on data providing websites with a format that you’d like displayed all across the web.


    Many businesses use micro-formats and take help from service provider such as who assists businesses in adding data to the HTML pages so they are tracked and recognized by most important search engines resulting in strong listings. To learn more on how you can format your NAP you can visit and enhance your business listings.

    Along with providing accurate information it is also imperative that your business’ web presence remain consistent. If you do not have a consistent web presence, in that case Google may not be capable to gage reviews or feedback from other websites about your business. Reviews of your business and consistency makes a place for your business on Google listings, so if you mess up even slightly, your Google listing will be drastically affected.

    Citations and their Importance in Accurate Local Page Listings

    Citations are published or unpublished reference that helps people locate the source of information. Google uses automated programming rather than manually collecting business data to rank them on the search engine. How does Google rank your business? By tracking and scanning mentions of your business name, your name, phone number, website URL and remotely anything to do with your business. Google then compares or cross checks that information with other data providing companies and directories to check the accuracy of the record. So in simple words, Google ranks your business on the basis of citations of your business information on the web, the consistency and accuracy of the information.

    Factors That Affect Your Ranking

    Business data providers such as Localeze,Infogroup,Acxiom and business data receivers such as Bing,Yellowpages, GPS navigation system, mobile applications etc go through complicated but automated procedures to keep the barter going. To get an idea of thie complexity of these relationships below I use a diagram developed by David Mihm Inc and SEO Moz. I would also refer you to their excellent article on accurate local listings.



    The traditional method as to how data is provided to data receives is automatically but it is NOT on a real-time basis. All data providers and receivers have their own time management system but most data providers take at least one month to transfer business data to a system from the time the business information is initially fed into the data providing source. Now, the real problem arises when a business owner feeds in incorrect information and the wrong information is passed on to several data platforms. However, this situation can be avoided if accurate N.A.P is fed into the system initially.You need to understand that anytime you share your business information on data providing platforms such as Localeze they transfer your business data to several other web platforms and just in case you enter an incorrect phone number or name it’s a dead end and even if you decide to go on after a few days to edit the information, your business will be registered as another listing on that platform without you having to realise it. The annoying part is that most data collecting websites don’t usually replace the business data with the edited version but will create a duplicate listing with mismatched information which will result as multiple listings.




    There will be multiple problems in queue when this situation occurs:

    • Research Problem
    • Data providing platforms transfer data like virus and it is likely that each online platform may receive different set of listing.
    • If incorrect information is fed, it will get extremely difficult to clean up or track the source of the goof-up.

    One of the top thought leaders on citations  Nyagoslav Zhekov has explained a scenario of data mismatch and a perfect example of bad NAP in an article at which will help you understand what serious rut you could be under if you feed incorrect information about your business to a data providing source.

    Where should you feed your business NAP fo accurate local listings?

    To get local listings, it is wise to enter your NAP in local and reliable directories such as Yelp, Citysearch,, Foursquare.

    If you want a strong  local listing on the internet make sure to follow the most effective rule, the rule of accurate NAP. Good luck!

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      Your Practice Blog is Important

      If you want to interest people in your professional practice or idea you have to talk to people where they are and engage them to see you as the expert in that area. For the purposes of this article I assume you know what a blog is, or you should.

      That is why having a practice blog is a great opportunity for you to put it all out there for everyone to see and learn from. Business blogs are a marketing and communications tool that has to be nurtured and grown just like one might do for a classic rose garden. They do not happen overnight and can become a thing of beauty in your marketing plans.

      Practice Blog

      People do business with people they identify with, they know, and they like. By writing a practice blog your readers will come to know and like you as an individual. You can then get the next elusive step conquered and that is trust.
      People can spot marketing speak or sales copy and it turns them off- so always avoid thinking your blog as an advertising platform. It is a platform for people to learn what they want to know. On their terms not yours. Read more

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      Professional practice marketing through article marketing

      can expose you and your ideas and practice to a wide audience.

      The information superhighway is the number one place that people turn to when they are searching for information.

      Most companies understand the importance of having their information posted online. The healthcare industry is no exception. People like to find what they are looking for fast and without having to be face to face with someone.

      When one thinks of healthcare services, the first thing that pops into mind is their family doctor or local hospital, but it goes beyond that. The healthcare industry consists of doctors, dentists,psychologists,drug companies, alternative care providers, even the nurse that posts advice on a blog on his or her time off. Read more

      Seth Godin on Sliced Bread and Marketing

      Tactics and Execution of Your Strategy

      A successful strategy is meant to yield the results and expectations you want it to achieve. Thus proper execution of the strategy is essential to allow us to hit the bullseye on our targets

      Execution means doing it. Measuring its results and modifying the methods or tactics we are using. To give an example that paints this story vividly. A specialist is reliant on the generalists and feeder sources that provide referrals to grow and keep that practice growing and thriving. If the specialist has done a poor job at developing the personal and professional relationships with his intake source his practice will suffer. By the same vein if a general practioner has no outreach into his or her community and has not understood the market and their needs he too will suffer.

      Proper execution of the who,what,when, where. and hows will allow you the freedom to serve clients without worrying about finances, office administration, or business issues. As our strategy provides us the roadmap our execution allows us to drive on the road to success and prosperity.

      Execution must follow careful strategic thinking and time to analyse the results; it is the execution of specific tactics, not overnite but over a period of time or journey. This  allows people to know,like, and trust us. You can accomplish this by a variety of tactics.

      Advertising , online or offline, is one tactic used to let potential clients know who we are , where we are and what we do. It is then up to receptionists and ourselves as practitioners to usemarketing tactics like web-site promotion,providing educational materials and perhaps a blog to reinforce the knowledge and build trust. One free source of advertising you can employ is a listing on the map search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing. These are all free and can provide us analytical measures of our outreach campaigns, and may be just as effective as a Yellow Pages Ad which can be an expensive item without measurable results.

      In the current environment a web presence is essential as we draw clients in . You cannot just have a static, business card site of the early web. Web 2.0 requires engagement through a blog or electronic newsletter ,where we post content or educational information to on a regular basis. An understanding of how to weave your web presence on your own site in conjunction with other social media sites yields valuable tactics. Examples of these include fanpages on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, or Buzz. This is a tactic which will enhance your web presence while allowing you to get to be known, liked and trusted. The client experience is the most important of all to your progress. It is before, after or doing the time they employ your expertise which will gel all of these tactics and tools to make raving fans out of your clients.

      Execution on your strategy and the tactics you use will be fundamental to your success in growing and sustaining your professional practice. Like the surgeon who has a layed out set of instruments to set up what is necessary for him to achieve and execute on his treatment and operating plan your strategy will be the guide to the execution of your tactics .

      While this is just a broad outline on execution,  what we have  for members in the Professional Practice Marketing Club is step-by-step actionable, guides on the many tactics and tools you and your staff can employ to ensure you meet your goals.

      Strategy and Tactics

      What is Marketing Strategy ? Once again I turn to Wikipedia for my definition of Marketing Strategy.” Marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. A marketing strategy should be centered around the key concept that customer satisfaction is the main goal.”

      As a professional in practice you should not be put off by the commercial tone of this definition. It is necessary to use the definition to plot where you are , where you want to be, in the context of building a healthy,sustainable and rewarding practice for bot you and your clients.

      You should develop this kind of strategy in order to maximize the efficiency of your time and resources and to let you do what you do best, and that is helping people. In consideration we must ask several questions.

      Who do we want to serve.? What market is the one that we want to find our ideal client from. This narrowing of our focus allows us to serve clients that value our services . These are clients that need and want what we have to offer to solve their issues. Our product as professionals is the service that we provide that clients see value from and will exchange their resources for. We have to know also what our specific service is. Do we want to have a general practice, or specialize in a particular niche in our professional career. A specific example is that of a general dentist versus a endodontist who specializes in root canals whereas the former serves a much broader market.

      By defining the practice or area of expertise we can then focus on where we wish to draw our client base from, what makes us different from others in that area and what actions do we have to take to dominate.
      This component of strategy also allows us to determine how we are going to achieve our objectives, what resources we need to accomplish this and what particular plan of attack we have to have. You might think that all the verbiage that I am using has a definite sound of battle or war. It does because it is simply focusing our resources and marshalling our talents to deliver what we have to offer to people that need our help while providing us the income and satisfaction we need.

      Our strategy will also define what tactics we are going to deploy to best serve ourselves and our clients.

      Tactics include items like advertising, hours of service,promotional mail or postcards, and educational content we put out for the market we wish to serve. Chiropractors for instance may want to be doing promotional items like writing a column in their local newspaper, or providing patient information leaflets on various skills and methods they can employ to alleviate your pain.
      How do we present our practice to the public : Do they know how to contact us, do we have a website that provides educational content and answers the who we are, what we do, where we do it, when do we do it and why they should come to know us.

      How does our receptionist or office staff greet us and advise us on appointments, remind us of appointments, help with insurance coverage answers and make sure we have the information we are asking about. Is there a systemised approach defined for this activity? Do we have the right person in this role?

      The objective of our strategy thus is a series of tactics that will allow our market to know, like and trust us.. Once they become clients , the next effort is to make the experience so useful to these clients that they will become repeat clients and come back again and again as their needs require. The way we do this and the planning to accomplish this objective results in happy clients and more free promotion of our service by the best marketing tactic possible. That is referral by them to their family and friends to grow a base of raving fans.

      What is Marketing ?

      What is Marketing?

      The definition of Marketing, provided by the American Marketing Association via Wikipedia is “Marketing is the activity,set of institutions,and processes for creating, communicating,delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers,clients,partners and society at large”.

      Let us look at the components of this definition to better understand Marketing and what it means to professional practices.

      First it is an activity,a set of institutions and processes. It is a system that we use to put institutions and processes in place.Much like a surgeon has a set way of having his instruments laid out for an operation ,marketing is an activity provides a plan and   for our efforts to tell people who we are, what we do, and how we can help them with whatever their needs and problems are.  In order to be able to do this we need to design processes in our practices that build this foundation. This is done in a general way and a more specific way.

      In a general way we do advertising and promotion in a variety of ways. We may write articles of interest to the public at large on our specific practice, such as dentistry,psychology, audiology or many other professional practices. We may buy advertising in local publications, do direct mail promotions, and a variety of other forms of promotion.

      In a specific way the quality of our practice development and our client experiences is another specific and very effective tool. The very best marketing source is referrals  from other happy clients. These are the most heartfelt and genuine items ,based on our interactions with current and future clients.They also demonstrate our ability to communicate, deliver and exchange value with our client base.

      As a system Marketing has two major components: Strategy and Tactics which support the strategic plan we lay out.  And it is so important that we understand  our strategy, why we are doing things a certain way, and how we can execute  the plan .

      In order to market our practices we must develop a strategy that includes all of the items in the definition above and provides the results to ourselves, our clients and society at large. That in essence is what the purpose of Marketing is.