Blogging Works

Your Practice Blog is Important

If you want to interest people in your professional practice or idea you have to talk to people where they are and engage them to see you as the expert in that area. For the purposes of this article I assume you know what a blog is, or you should.

That is why having a practice blog is a great opportunity for you to put it all out there for everyone to see and learn from. Business blogs are a marketing and communications tool that has to be nurtured and grown just like one might do for a classic rose garden. They do not happen overnight and can become a thing of beauty in your marketing plans.

Practice Blog

People do business with people they identify with, they know, and they like. By writing a practice blog your readers will come to know and like you as an individual. You can then get the next elusive step conquered and that is trust.
People can spot marketing speak or sales copy and it turns them off- so always avoid thinking your blog as an advertising platform. It is a platform for people to learn what they want to know. On their terms not yours. Read more